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1. Scope/Applicability
The following terms and conditions shall be interpreted in an exclusive sense. Contrary
and/or contradictory terms and conditions of Recipient shall not bind Cemertas Textiles
in any manner whatsoever, unless Cemertas Textiles has expressly accepted such terms
and conditions in writing. General Terms and conditions of Recipient shall be not
constitute part of the contract even if Cemertas Textiles does not expressly raise any
2. Inspection and acceptance of deliveries and services
The Purchaser shall inspect the deliveries and services within 7 days and shall promptly
notify Cemertas Textiles of any possible defects in writing. If the Purchaser fails to do so,
then the deliveries and services are deemed approved. Inspection of finished goods can only
be made in the factory of Cemertas Textiles. Cemertas Textiles accepts no responsibility
after shipment of the goods.
3. Delivery date
Any statements in the order confirmation as to the date are nonbinding estimates. If the
delivery is late, the Purchaser is obligated to grant Cemertas Textiles a reasonable grace
4. Ownership
All delivered goods shall remain in the ownership of Cemertas Textiles until claims of
Cemertas Textiles towards the Recipient arising from the business relationship are settled in
5. Conditions of payment
Payments need to be made as follows: 50% of the order amount when placing the order, the
remainder prior to delivery of the goods.
6. Returns
All returns must be authorized by Cemertas Textiles. No returns are accepted without prior
7. Size charts
The Purchaser shall provide a size chart. If a size chart is not provided, the size chart of
Cemertas Textiles will apply. Complaints regarding sizing will not be accepted if a detailed
size chart was not provided by the Purchaser.
8. Samples
Samples that are sent by Cemertas Textiles before begin of production need to be
thoroughly examined by the Purchaser and requests for changes need to be addressed to
Cemertas Textiles. Examination shall also include sizing, colors, printings and the material
used. The Production is deemed approved when the Purchaser approves the samples.
Claims after production and delivery of goods will not be accepted.
9. Price guarantee
Prices can be guaranteed for 2 weeks. Prices may change due to a rise in production costs
or fabric costs etc. The change of price need to be communicated by Cemertas Textiles.
After communication of the price increase by Cemertas Textiles, the Purchaser has the right
to reject the price increase in written within 2 weeks.
10. Order cancellations
After the order placement by the Purchaser, the order cannot be cancelled. If an order is
cancelled after placing, the Purchaser needs to pay 50% of the order amount to Cemertas
11. Late payment of order
If the Purchaser fails to maket he payment in time, all costs of storage of the goods have to
be payed by the Purchaser.
12. Place of jurisdiction, and applicable law
Place of performance and jurisdiction is istanbul/Turkey.
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Cemertas Tekstil Promosyon Urunleri San. ve Dis TIC. LTD. STI (hereinafter Cemertas Textiles)

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